Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is my problem with Microsoft technology

As an architect that working in the software industry almost 15 years I came across many technologies some are great and some of them are not so great...
In this post i would like to refer to technologies that came from specific vendor - Microsoft.
As you probably can see from my blog name i'm a java person and i don't have a lot of experience in Microsoft technology. I did some projects that related to .NET and Microsoft but i'm not expert.
Generally, i can say that .NET is pretty good framework, some of the things i like some are not but I think this framework contribute a lot to the software industry.
However, The Microsoft technology has one big flow, it refuses to collaborate with many other technologies that exist in the world. for example, last week i lectured about ALM and architecture and one of the listeners ask me if TFS (the Microsoft ALM tool) can work with subversion. The ALM guy that run the user group ask her why she would like to use subversion you can use Microsoft tools instead. this is of course a Microsoft user group...
The philosophy of we will provide you anything that you need and you can't use any other technology is annoying. I personally believe that each framework, tool or language are means to do my job better and every one of them should be used differently according to the circumstances.
If you are eating steak you should do it with fork and knife and not with spoon. it doesn't mean the spoon is redundant t just means that it doesn't feet for me right now.
No company not matter how big it is can't provide solutions to all the use cases in the world, therefore, good technology is a technology that can integrate easily with other technologies.
More than that, Microsoft prove that when it is important for them they can do it better than anyone else, you can see it in the integration inside Microsoft technology and also in there cloud solution, azure.
So i hope Azure is a good start in this direction and hopefully Microsoft technology will be more open for integration with other technologies in the near future.  

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