Thursday, April 25, 2013

The NoSql mini revolution

Hi all,
the latest trend in the software industry is the big data and noSQL movement.
since today many applications provide services to a lot of clients and have problem in scaling more and more software vendor considering giving off the sql transactions and choose NoSQL DB.
But i think lately due to this revolution we have another small revolution that provide good back wind for the NoSQL movement - using NoSQL DB just becouse it's easier.
Using SQL DB is something that we use to it but it's not simple. you have to write SQL queries, optimize them and use data structure that very diffrent from your program.
SQL queries are not predictable, i had SQL queries that in some cases took 15min and some cases the all night. now you need to open the execution plan and start understanding how the database server is working.
So sometimes it's very easy to use NoSQL DB usually a document DB that provide you easy working API and simple work if you don't need complicated stuff. and you use it not for sharding just for convnience.
I think it's very refreshing and really contribute a lot for the big data revolution.

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