Thursday, March 21, 2013

Taking JSF to a test drive

usually I am not a web guy, my work is focused on the business logic and infrastructures. but from time to time i find myself developing some web applications since it's a very important part in any application. long time ago i usually used to work with struts but today struts is not so popular and i usually pick spring MVC for this issue. but when one of my customers wish to know more about JSF i decided to pick up the glove and take JSF 2.1 to a test drive. when i had my devlopments in struts i thought what should be better struts or JSF, in that point JSF was not mature enough but now when JSF 2.1 is already in the air i thought about giving it another chance. well JSF did make a long way since than.

Today JSF is satisfy web framework that give you everything that you need in the server side, including:
1. Full MVC framewok that simplify the nevigation and create seperation in the model, view & control.
2. cross platform rich web UI component that provide better look & feel to the application.
3. AJAX library that enable you to preform AJAX calls

so i decided to take a ride on the JSF see if the rumers are true...
well, i build some basic app and i did have some troubles but basically it looks good.
Well, the idea here is that you have new HTML tags that can be used inside the JSP page and you can inject a code to the JSP if you register the class as a component in the JSF.
this is very diffrent from struts and spring MVC since the HTML looks very diffrent.
i think that front end developers that work with HTML & javascript can find this framework a real treat since it is very much web oriented and the HTML really talks to you. However, server guys like me can find a hard time to optimize it and get full control on behind the scene of this framework.
So probably it will not be my choise as a framework but i can understand why some programmers will love it.

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